01.03.2022, Munich
Two turbulent years have passed. We have managed to steer through the stormy weathers so far and celebrated our first ten years of existence. Alpha AMSS GmbH puts further efforts in cooperation with our main automotive customer from Munich, but in the meantime we have also managed to enter into a cooperation with IMEC in Leuven on RHBD eNVM IP for civil aerospace applications in frames of Horízon 2020 PROMISE project in March 2021.


01.03.2020, Munich
Time flies, we have just celebrated already the fifth year of successful cooperation with our largest automotive customer, supplying it's automotive and identification biz with our IPs.

02.01.2020, Munich
Alpha AMSS GmbH is proud to be a part of the design team working on the next gen automotive products based on emerging eNVM Technologies.

08.01.2019, Munich
We deliver our services further on, this year runs for the Flash IP blocks within the automotive microcontrollers of our current customer.

04.01.2016, Munich.
Good news again, Alpha AMSS GmbH has extended last years contract with a Tier 1 customer from Munich for design services for the entire 2016, 2017 and 2018.

01.03.2015, Munich.
Alpha AMSS GmbH has signed a contract with a Tier 1 customer from Munich for design services for the entire 2015.

05.12.2014, Hamburg/Eindhoven.
Alpha AMSS GmbH handed over a mini eNVM IP for secure applications to the 1A customer.

09.10.2014, Munich.
Alpha AMSS GmbH took part in the Technical Seminar of Global Foundries.

14.01.2014, Hamburg.
We successfully backed the tape out of another test vehicle of our customer.

11.10.2013, Munich.
Alpha AMSS GmbH is pleased to accept the invitation to the Global Foundies technical seminar on the actual GF techologies.

10.10.2013, Hamburg.
Another design milestone at an 1A customer site is succesfully passed. A secure NVM IP Block for his ID products is delivered.